Rock n Roll to Feed the Soul-
Ear X-tacy Records/Paradigm Shift Productions
Production Sampler vol. 1
Artist: The Mighty Jeremiahs and Taildragger
Label: Ear X-tacy Records/Paradigm Shift Productions
Length: 11 Tracks/36:57

Beneath each of these tracks is a simmering blues n' roots background that showcases the talented pedigree of the performers. The Mighty Jeremiahs include Mobile, Alabama born vocalist/harmonica player/saxophonist Jimmy Hall (founding member of the seminal southern group Wet Willie, member of the Capricorn Records family and vocalist on Jeff Beck's 1985 "Flash" album), guitarist Greg Martin (founding member of the Grammy-winning Kentucky HeadHunters who also subbed for Ed King in Lynyrd Skynyrd on the 1992 tour), and former Black Cat Bone rhythm section/current Taildragger members Mark Hendricks (bass) and Jon McGee (drums). Blending nicely with the core group is a heaping-helping of featured guest appearances by Bonnie Bramlett, members of The Kentucky HeadHunters, Delbert McClinton Band keyboardist Kevin McKendree, Ricky Lee Phelps, Christian guitar legend Phil Keaggy, Canadian soul man Danny Brooks, Curtis and Ricky Burch, Christian blues-rocker Darrell Mansfield and many others.

Guitarist/vocalist/drummer Jon McGee and bass guitarist/vocalist Mark Hendricks head up Taildragger, Kentucky's premier rock-n-roll power trio. Formed from the ashes of Black Cat Bone in the early 90's, Taildragger continues to forge their blues-laden sound throughout the region. Guest musicians adding extra spice to Taildragger's sampler contribution is Kentucky Headhunters/Mighty Jeremiahs member Greg Martin, along with Kevin McKendree, Danny Brooks, Rob Hulsman and Ken Weber.

But the heart of these two bands is the blues/blood relationship between Martin and stepson Jon McGee. These boys were born to boogie in a bluesy sort of way, and their kinship goes beyond family into a deep love for roots rock, rhythm and blues in many forms. Martin's Mighty Jeremiahs mainly focus on soul-stirring Gospel, with Good News lyrical messages while Traildragger cuts an earthy, classic roots music lyric path. However, the similarities in each band and musical styles run deep and wide. The powerhouse co-production by David Barrick also serves to unite the sound and bust the woofers with thunderously heavy and huge sounds.

Rock n Roll to Feed the Soul features 3 cuts each from the upcoming full-length releases from the self-titled Mighty Jeremiahs release and the Skeptic Tank from Taildragger, and 4 bonus tracks featuring standout performances by each band. The Jeremiahs cuts feature "Ain't No Room in this House for Hell," a hilariously light-hearted bit of boogie blues-rock fun featuring a novel vocal performance from Richard Young of the Kentucky HeadHunters. "Wicked Ways" is a heavy rockin' blues cut featuring a cry out to the Good Lord to save a man lost in sin. The smooth Memphis soul standard "That's How Strong My Love Is" (made famous by Otis Redding) features an incredible vocal performance by Hall that will have you singing to your sweetie and wishing you could play guitar along with Martin! The 3 Taildragger cuts take a more raw and raucous rocking turn with the oh-so-funktified instrumental "Disfunkshun Junction," the hooky and rhythmic rocking "You Had it Comin'" (McGee turns in an exceptional vocal turn in this track), and the hefty-rocking blues/rock of "Below the Bottom." The stellar bonus tracks include the vocals of Bonnie Bramlett on "Takin' Back My Name," the snappy country picking then psychedelic blues (from Merle Travis to Jimi Hendrix in one song, weird but it works!) instrumental "In Through the Out Door", and two hot-n-heavy blues rock growlers from Taildragger ("She's So Lazy" & the Alex Rice Miller's twisted "Santa Claus."

Rock n Roll to Feed the Soul just might be the best $3.99 you will ever spend on a CD, and it will serve to whet your whistle for the blues rocking goodness to come from The Mighty Jeremiahs and Taildragger. Don't miss this one.

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