Kentucky HeadHunters in Mansfield, Ohio (7/12/01)
With Dave Harris (of Retro Rewind) and friends

1995 at the Ryman
During the Filming of The Marty Party w/ Johnnie Johnson.

Skynyrd Tour
Randall Hall, Greg, Gary Rossington, Leon Wilkerson

With Delaney Bramlett

Jennifer Batten, Phil Keaggy, Paul McGarry, Greg

Greg and Phil Keaggy -- click to make bigger
Greg and Phil Keaggy at the
Greater Southwest Guitar Show
Photo by Matthew Williamson

Greg at Guitar Show
Photo by David Wilson

Glass Harp Hunters -- Click to make bigger

With Jon McGee of Taildragger (and the Mighty Jeremiahs)

Greg and Phil Keaggy

Jennifer Batten, Phil K., Greg

Mike Harpring, Paul McGarry, Willy Porter, Phil K, Greg