So this is what a young HeadHunter looks like! Me in 1953, getting my first glimpse of a gold top Les Paul with P-90's!!

1968, Cedar Flat, Ky. This was my first cool guitar, a Gretsch Silver Jet. My brother Gary gave me this guitar in 1968, after he'd painted it black! I spent one gruelling afternoon on my Aunt Bertha's porch stripping the paint.

Aftermath (Richard Young, Fred Young, Greg Martin & Anthony Kenney). Notice, I'm playing a 1958 Les Paul Special, my first Gibson! Dad bought this for me in 1968, from a Jazz guitarist in Louisville.

Playing with Vengence, in 1972. I'm playing a 1972 Les Paul Custom, graduation gift from dad. Check that shirt out!

Cool Blue

Cool Blue, 1969

Mike Wilson(Lead Vocals & Percussion), Jerry Martin(Trumpet, Vocals), Tommy Higgason(Trumpet, Vocals), Greg Martin(Lead electric & Acoustic Guitars), Bill Bartley(Organ, Vocals), Wayne Sexton(Guitar, Bass, & Vocals), Tommy Shirley(Guitar, Bass), Rick Sparks(Drums)

Did You Ever See Me Cry? (Realaudio)
She's Getting To You (Realaudio)

This cover for an Itchy Brother 45 rpm record dates from 1973. Anthony Kenney is sitting in front, behind him are Richard Young, Fred Young and Greg Martin.

Shotgun Effie (Realaudio)
RockNRoller (Realaudio)

The Whacker Brothers

Itchy Brother in 1977. Greg Martin, Anthony Kenney, Richard Young, & Fred Young.

Me & Chet Atkins (Around 1983).

Greg and Carl Perkins, March 1993

With Darrell in Vegas

Rock On!!

With Fred Young and Buddy Miles in Robinsonville, Ms